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Frequently used with pullcord stations and overbed lights, explore our selection of pullcords and parts to meet your needs. Not seeing what you need? Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-328-8908 and we will be happy to find a solution.
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View our entire offering of pullcords and parts commonly used with stations and overbed lights. Options include infection control and anti-ligature solutions.

CleanCord™ Pullcords
CleanCord pullcords won't soak up bodily fluids or liquids that can transmit infections to others. Made of durable PVC material and tested to ensure reliable calls. Glow-in-the-dark options available for increased visibility in dark rooms.

Break-A-Way CleanCord™ Pullcords
Using Crest's CleanCord, which won't soak up bodily fluids or other liquids that can transmit infections to others, these pullcords break at 5 - 7 lbs of pull force. Stations are protected from damage with the replaceable Break-A-Way Connector.

Break-A-Way CleanCord™ for Lights
The breakaway pullcord features a segment of metal bead chain that will break at approximately 9 1/2 lb of pressure. The bead chain easily attaches to the light fixture with a splice link. Plastic CleanCord is easily sanitized, keeping your patients and staff safe from germs.

CleanGrip™ Anti-Ligature Tethers
A highly visible, cleanable alternative to nylon station pullcords. The tether is easily disinfected. Anti-ligature safety is achieved with strategic placement of  "breaks" along the length of the cord when 22 +/- 2 lbs of force is exerted.

Nylon Cords & Pendant
The thin size fits through most pullcord stations. The thicker size includes a size 10 connector to link with size 10 bead chain.
Emergency Call Cord & Clip
Emergency pull cord system can be used in place of a call cord. Patients can pull the cord to remove the plug and place a call.
Pullcord Components 
View our selection of replacement pullcords and parts for size #6 and #10 bead chains to meet your facility needs.