Crest Adapters & Cord Extensions 

Find a low cost solution to expand your nurse call system capabilities with Crest’s wide selection of adapters and cord extensions. Not seeing what you need? Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-328-8908 and we will be happy to find a solution.
Crest Adapters & Cord Extensions
Adapters accommodate multiple nurse call devices from a single wall receptacle or convert your existing station to an alternative plug style. They can be used with a standard call cord or pillow speaker.
Station Savers
Station savers protect your stations from damage by creating a break-away point between the cord and the station. The disconnection of a cord triggers cord-out on stations with that feature.

Cord Extensions & Connector Cables
Cord Extensions provide an instant way to lengthen your call cord. Connector cables are used to interface fall management monitors and other ancillary devices with your nurse call system.

Type Y Adapters
Converts existing receptacle to two 1/4" phone receptacles.

Type Y2 Adapters
Converts existing receptacle into one same-style female receptacle and one 1/4" phone receptacle.

Type Y3 Adapters
Converts existing receptacle to two of your existing receptacles.

Type B Adapter
Converts existing receptacle into the same receptacle and a 1/4" phone receptacle.

Type D Adapters
Converts existing receptacle into one 1/4" phone receptacle.

Arial System Adapters
Use high-quality Crest call cords with your Arial nurse call system.

Call Cord Adapter with Auxiliary Input – Dukane
This adapter for Dukane® ProCare 6000 Systems converts one 18-pin plug into two ¼" 2-conductor plugs. Utilized when a call cord or auxiliary monitoring device is used instead of a pillow speaker.

Fully Supervised Ventilator Alarm Cable Adapters
These adapters work with the Fully Supervised Ventilator Alarm Cable (900-621) by Engineered Electronics®. Provides a simple, reliable method of communicating a ventilator alarm condition through a nurse call system.

Momentary Latching Adapters
Converts a 5-contact non-locking station to a modern 1/4" 2-conductor locking call cord station. Eliminates the need for locking call cords which can be replaced with any momentary 1/4" phone plug device. Includes one 7' momentary button call cord and dummy plug.