Crest Pillow Speakers

Explore a wide selection of pillow speakers available from Crest Healthcare. No matter your pillow speaker needs, Crest has you covered. Not seeing a solution below? Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-328-8908 and we will be happy to find the best solution for your facility!
Pillow Speakers By Nurse Call System
Explore our entire offering of pillow speakers, parts, and accessories. Crest pillow speakers are attractive, ergonomic and designed with durability and infection control in mind. Ability to sort to find your nurse call system, pillow speaker style, and much more!
Crest Elite Digital™ Pillow Speakers
Designed for use with healthcare TVs. Autosense™ Technology automatically identifies your healthcare TV and sends the correct signal, eliminating programming hassle. These pillow speakers can be moved to any room, regardless of healthcare television brand.
Crest Elite Infrared™ Pillow Speakers
The only pillow speaker that combines nurse call and TV with external DVD or Set Top Box (STB) controls. Enjoy a universal remote with traditional pillow speaker functionality such as nurse call and environmental controls. It is also useful where there is no cross-room wiring or with TVs lacking a pillow speaker port. Uses two AAA batteries (included).
Crest Remote Call-IR™ TV Control & Nurse Call
Replace your call cord and TV remote control with one durable, easy to disinfect device. Features big, easy-to see buttons and contains on-board library of codes that can be programmed to work with almost any TV. Ideal for emergency rooms or private patient rooms, or where pillow speaker sound is not needed. Uses two AA batteries (not included).

Crest Slimline™ Pillow Speakers
These economical, analog pillow speakers are compatible with older TVs and are designed for quick, easy repairs. Featuring a slim “easy to hold” design, they work with many nurse call systems.
Repair Parts
Designed with facility savings in mind, Crest offers a variety of repair parts for our pillow speakers. Browse our wide selection or call Crest Technical Support for additional solutions.

Crest proudly stands behind its products, offering customers a variety of accessories for our pillow speakers. Browse our selection or call Crest Technical Support for additional solutions.
PillowCase by Hatchmed
Transform your iPad into an FDA medical device with the PillowCase from Hatchmed. PillowCase keeps the iPad always powered, secured and safe from fluid or chemical damage around the patient.