Crest Healthcare Supply Repairs Department

Crest makes every effort to effectively and efficiently repair products sent to us by customers. Your products will be inspected, cleaned, repaired and tested before being returned to you. A 90-day warranty will be added to every product repaired by Crest. Products with biomedical contamination cannot be repaired for the safety of our employees and will be disposed of properly. 

 How To Use the Crest Repair Service:

  1. Contact Crest Customer Service at 1-800-328-8908 and request a Sales Return (SR) Number.

    Please note:
     Sales Return Number is needed before sending in your repair. Failure to obtain a SR number may result in a delay of the processing your repair request.
  2. Gather the following information and include it with the product sent in for repair. 
    1. Contact name
    2. Phone number of contact
    3. Return shipping address (street address, not PO Box)
    4. SR number received from Crest
    5. Explanation of issue needing repair
    6. Special instructions or requests, if any

  3. Crest will issue Ground call tag to pick up product(s).
  4. Write your assigned SR number on the outside of shipping box.
  5. Addrto:
    Crest Healthcare Supply
    195 Third Street South
    Dassel, MN 55325


Do you have any additional questions? Call 1-800-328-8908 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Flat Rate Repair Charges



Minimum Service Charge




Pillow Speakers  


        Elite Pillow Speakers 


        Excel Pillow Speakers


        Slimline Pillow Speakers


        Remote Call-IR




Bed Controls  


        HD2 Bed Controls




Call Cords  


        Locking Call Cords, single


        Locking Call Cords, double






        Cornell – B-122C


        Dukane – 9A-1405AC


        Executone – 3080202C


        Jeron – 2332-23002C


        Rauland – BS800C



An evaluation fee may be applied on products not under warranty which need to be sent elsewhere for repair.

Repair Details:

A $15.00 minimum service charge applies to non-warranty items deemed unrepairable. The service charge includes inspection, cleaning and testing to ensure your product is returned to you in the best condition possible.

Products may be deemed unrepairable due to age, condition or cost of replacement parts. Whenever possible, Crest will recommend a direct substitute and will waive the $15.00 minimum service charge if replacements are purchased.

Crest provides a 90-Day Warranty on Repairs


is the authorized repair service provider for Legacy Dukane products.

Crest is the authorized repair service provider for Legacy Dukane products, such as ProCare 2000, ProCare 6000 and StaffCall Pro systems. Occasionally ProCare 1000 products can also be repaired, but part availability is limited. 

Elite Pillow Speaker Instructional Videos:



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