Invacare® TheraPure™ Free-Standing Side-Entry Tubs


The TheraPure Side-Entry Tub design facilitates easy, safe and dignified entry and exit and provides a relaxing, spa-quality bath experience. The tubs feature auto fill and adjustable temperature settings. Four whirlpool jets provide soothing hydromassage in these full-immersion tubs. A smooth contoured seat with a perineal cutout area promotes resident comfort and cleanliness. The seat is positioned at wheelchair height to make transfers easy. These tubs can be used with the height-adjustable Invacare Bathing Seat Lift. The XL model offers the same features plus an additional 2” of length and 4“ of width. All TheraPure tubs are powered by exclusive SANIJET® Pipeless™ technology and meet the demanding disinfection requirements of NSF International’s Protocol P182, allowing caregivers to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria after each bath. For simple cleaning, all components that contact water are easily accessible from within the tub and the jets are quickly removable by hand for thorough disinfection in less than five minutes. Without noisy pumps or blowers, Invacare tubs are quieter than air bubble or piped systems. TheraPure systems also retain water temperature longer, losing only 1.5°F in a 20-minute bathing cycle. You can also add essential oils or bath salts to the tub without the concern of residue build-up.

  • Deluxe console provides easy access to fill, shut-off, anti-scald, thermometer & jet controls
  • Shower wand features adjustable flow control & spray setting that is easily angled while filling tub
  • Fast-fill mixing anti-scald valve dispenses 17 GPM
  • Lockable cabinet provides a secure place for cleaners & disinfectants
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs make leveling easy for simple installation
  • Lifetime warranty on door seal

Specifications: 115085 115086
Outside Length: 65" 72"
Outside Width: 32" 34"
Inside Length: 53" 55"
Inside Width: 27" 23"
Door Width: 38 1/2" 40"
Rim Height: 35 1/2" 35"
Seat Height: 19" 17 1/2"
Hydromassage: 72-80 GPM flow rate 72-80 GPM flow rate


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TheraPure Free-Standing Side Entry Tub
TheraPure Free-Standing Side Entry Tub
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TheraPure XL Free-Standing Side Entry Tub
TheraPure XL Free-Standing Side Entry Tub
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