Advanced UV Disinfection Portable Box

Every handheld device is a potential agent of cross-contamination, threatening the well-being of staff as well as residents who are most vulnerable to infection and disease. The UV Box disinfects items in just 55 seconds, using the same patented technology the US Pentagon uses against bio-terrorism. Use with mobile devices, staff badges, eyeglasses, pillow speakers, call cords, TV remotes, and other frequently used hand-held items.

  • Proven & highly effective disinfection technology
  • Will not damage valuable equipment
  • One-button simplicity
  • Durable with no moving parts
  • 7 year warranty on UV lamp

UV Box Sell Sheet - PDF



Overall Dimensions: 20"W x 10"H x 10"D
Enclosure Dimensions: 15.5"W x 3.5"H x 8"D
Weight: 10 lb
Power: 120 VAC
Bulb Life: 16,000 hours (7 yrs)


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